GAME PLAY: Labor Day is fun, but it also means that back-to-school time is just around the corner.  In this holiday-themed game, we simulate what it was surely like to be my college roommate on the eve of a school year that would be spent bunking with yours truly.  You play the role of my good pal and housemate of four years, the saintly "Sweet Meat" [not his actual Christian name, but his preferred Internet handle].  You'll remember Sweet Meat as the gracious host during my recent Florida sabbatical.   As nightmare visions of Jeff fill your head during this last peaceful evening of summer vacation, you should do to them as you must.  Shoot with the space bar; move the comfy couch up, down and side-to-side with your arrow keys. As if the Jeff demons aren't bad enough, you'll also need to watch out for ships that shoot sideways. HINT: You score points just for surviving; save shots for when needed. It takes time for them to build back up.   Pleasant dreams, roomie!

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Happy Labor Day

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