The Dewey Decimal System Explained!

Patty's Head

Actual Librarian

"No, Jeff.  Adult magazines are not categorized under a separate 'Do Me' Decimal System," she says.

By Patty

Cooking is 641.5 for your popcorn tips; the Prince thing can be 784 for musicians since it's not entirely biographical (92, 921, or B); Charles Bronson could probably go in 791 where acting is or in the biographies where; the book of lists would be Generalities, 000 or [Jeff's] Knowledge, 010; the all you know about women could probably be 302 for Social Interaction or 301 for Sociology and Anthropology.

You might want to update your Prince article for two reasons: 1. He's now a Jehovah's Witness, as the great Sweet Meat informed us 2. Kim Basinger and Alec Baldwin are divorced, and she's been dating, way EGADS!, Marshall Mather's, the dreaded Eminem.

I forgot to add that since you are the author of all the articles in the library, the cutter (designation of author) would be Tho or THO. So for cooking, for example, the whole call number would be 641.5 THO, while your lists would be REF 010 or 000 THO. Glad to offer some kind of useful, non-lascivious professional service to this great site.

921 LEB,
[an actual, 100 percent real, certified, card carrying librarian]