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The Official www.jeffthomas.com 'JefFAQ'

Answers to burning questions that you're entirely too nervous to ask ...

A: Yes, it's my real name.  Friends usually drop the Ws and the 'dot com' part, though.   It gets in the way of easy conversation, and I've never been one for formalities, anyway. 
A: I'm 35, and single.  Friends tell me that it's got to be my personality, because it couldn't possibly be my patented 'gaze of seduction,' pictured here.
A: Yes, I am perfectly capable of making a "good" Web site — just don't expect it here.  In real life, my job is in the marketing department at a small upstate New York company, with our corporate site being one of my main responsibilities.  This one's just for fun, to try out new things, and to keep me from getting ring rust during the six hours a week that I'm not working.
A: I do the site all by myself, from my HP Pavilion 8660C personal computer.  Raindrops on roses and whispers on kittens I could give or take — two of my favorite things are Microsoft FrontPage for HTML editing and Corel PHOTO-PAINT for graphics.   Sometimes I scare even me.
A: No, I do not always have that psychotic smile on my face.  In reality, my looks run the entire psychotic gamut.  Here is just one ...

Well, that's it for now.  Enjoy the site, and take it in fun as it is intended.  If you have questions, write me at jeffthomas@jeffthomas.com, an email address with something of a stuttering problem.  I love it just the same, though.


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