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Roger And Me
"Thumbs Up" to Roger Ebert for putting together the best movie criticism site on the Net.

Feel like you've overstayed your welcome at  Think that it's in our mutual best interest that you run elsewhere for cover?  Whatever your motivation for leaving, here are some fine virtual rest areas where you can get that lingering odor out of your clothes and the unpleasant taste out of your mouth:

Totally Tromatic!
Meet lovable hideously deformed creature of super-human size and strength "The Toxic Avenger" — and other upstanding members of the community of Tromaville — at, one of my favorite links.

Roger Ebert On Movies
First and foremost, you should visit movie critic Roger Ebert's site every Friday, when he posts new reviews.  Unfairly dismissed by many as "The Fat One," Ebert is hilarious, insightful, and a man whose heart is three-times the substance of his girth.  For proof, gaze in envy upon his review of "Patch Adams."

The Internet Movie Database and
Coming Attractions by Corona
Need additional movie info?  For more than you'll ever need to know, check out these sites.  The IMDb is for existing films, while Coming Attractions' scope is made pretty clear in its name.  Both sites are exhaustive, addictive, and seasoned with just the right amount of errors and inconsistencies.  Best served hot, and with your finest butter substitute.

What The Rock Is Cooking
Here, "The People's Champion" and I prepare to defend the
World Wrestling tag team title in the steel cage match that would see my retirement after multiple fractures and — some say — brain injury.  You might be able to read about it at
The fine folks who bring to you classics like "Chopper Chicks In Zombietown," "A Nymphoid Barbarian In Dinosaur Hell," "Surf Nazis Must Die," and "Rabid Grannies" maintain a site that's every bit the class act that is their film catalog.
There was a time when the director of the consummate zombieflicks "Night," "Dawn" and "Day of the Dead" would personally respond to all questions posted on this site's messageboard.  Today, he's gone, and it seems more like an apocalyptic wasteland overrun by mindless ... umm ... well, you can insert the obvious joke yourself.

The "Get A Life" Program Guide
More than even Nipsey Russell and Charles Nelson Reilley, Chris Elliott is a poet and the voice of a generation.  This FOX television program was his finest hour.

Beyond The Scope
There are many other sites on the Internet that are worthy of my recommendation.   Unfortunately, lack of space and other considerations preclude me from listing them here.  [I am, of course, referring to not-for-profit and charitable organizations.]
Your daily dose of professional wrestling news, all 100 percent real.

The ultimate tribute to the man whose music is on my PC's jukebox while I write most of my site, may lend insight into the way that my mind works, serving some purpose to all of the aspiring psychoanalysts in the peanut gallery.       

My Dad's Web Site

Need I say more?

Well, kids, that's just a small taste of the cold, harsh world that awaits you,  Wear a coat and sew a quarter to the undergarment of your choosing in case you need to use a pay phone.  You'll find a key to this site under the doormat when you inevitably come running back.

Believe it or don't, the I've never even met the people on this page [or the hideously deformed creatures of superhuman size and strength, for that matter].  They're just pictures that I worked some illusions upon, David Copperfield-style.  All images remain property of their respective owners, who are free to tell me to eliminate them from the site and take a long walk off a short pier.


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