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Play "Whack-A-Jeff"!

Do you love to play "Whack-A-Mole" at Chuck E. Cheese restaurants? Probably not. But what if the concept were adapted so that you could beat the daylights out of your favorite Web site proprietor? Look no further, because now you can!:


Gopher It!
[Press the "Gopher It!" button to your left to play.]
Breakneck Bobble Head Jeff

Bobble Bobble!

Whether you're a collector of dashboard hula girl dolls or you're simply the kind of spiteful visitor who fantasizes about giving me whiplash, you will love this. Press the button below for's take on the inexplicable "bobble head doll" craze:


Launch JeffiCAM!

"WebCams" (live Web cameras) aren't just for girls' dormitories anymore!   Once again, has spared no expense to bring you, the site visitor, dangerously close to the creative process.  By popular demand (but against our better judgment), we have installed "JeffiCAM," the latest in state-of-the-art Web cameras. JeffiCAM provides you with a 24x7 live video feed from the computer desk in Jeff's apartment. Just press the button below to see what's on—and, remember, it's all LIVE! (Yeah, right.):


The JeffiCAM!

"The Shirt Off My Back!"
The Shirt Off My Back!
Now is your chance to get a FREE t-shirt, just like the ones worn by the elite folks in the "Pictures" section of this very site.  Act now!

Play "Pin The Tongue On JT!"

Click me to play!
Like the classic party game, only this one replaces tails with tongues and the traditional donkey with an all-new jackass!

Play "Pin The Tongue On JT"—It's a treat for the taste buds!

The Plastic Surgery Clinic!

Dedicated to anyone who's ever wanted to rearrange my face!

Hold your trusty mouse button and drag the arrow to nip, tuck and mutilate my mug into a face that only a mother — or, as it seems, Joan Rivers — could love.


Three Easy Steps To Get Your Very Own FREE Screen Saver For Win95/98!
thumbscreensaver.jpg (5486 bytes)

Imagine your "With The Beatles" album cover come to life, with me playing the parts of John, Paul, George and Ringo.  It's fab.
Right click on this link, choose "Save Target As ..." or "Save Link As .." from the menu, and pick a clean, well-lighted place for your JeffSaver file!
2.] Open Windows Explorer, and go to that clean, well-lighted place!
3.] Right click on "JeffSaver.scr" and choose "Install" from the mini-menu!

Three Easy Steps To Get Your Very Own FREE "Vacation" Wallpaper For Win95/98/NT!

My first attempt at wallpaper, inspired by those "[Insert relative here] visited Florida ..." T-shirts that were so popular during my youth.

Click the link that matches your monitor resolution.
2.] When the larger image appears, move your mouse cursor over it and click your right mouse button.
3.] A small menu window will pop up — Select and click "Set as Wallpaper". Your wallpaper is now set on your desktop. If the image does not appear then refresh your desktop.


thumbscreensaver.jpg (5486 bytes)
[ 1024x768 ] [ 800x600 ] [ 640x480 ]
Three Easy Steps To Get Your Very Own FREE "Box Office" Wallpaper For Win95/98/NT!

thumbscreensaver.jpg (5486 bytes)
[ 1024x768 ] [ 800x600 ] [ 640x480 ]

This one I like a lot.  Featuring nods to two great horror movies ... three if you count "Meatballs 3," a tribute to my college roommate.  The usher is portrayed by the very beautiful and talented Debbie Rochon, of "Tromeo & Juliet" fame.

Scroll up.
2.] Follow the instructions for the beach wallpaper.
3.] Visit Debbie Rochon's Web site at  [Optional, but a plug is the least I could do after pinching the image from it.]

All of this, plus ...
A small rotating head that is handy for any occasion.
Never let it be said that I don't love you.

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