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Welcome to the FIRST PAGE of the junk drawer and brand management center. Accept no substitutes. KABLAM!

Boom!  Boom!  Boom!


Join Jeff as he bombs time after time in a game that is highly symbolic of his comedy stylings!
It's an offer you can't re-FUSE!


"Block" out some time to play this exciting variation of the popular computer game Tetris!
Watch the fun stack up!

A chip off the old block! Chick Magnet Game!

Girls! Girls! Girls!


Go riding on the freeway of love with Playboy Jeff and the women in his life!
Every-bunny's welcome! Beach Volleyball!
You've got to serve somebody [namely, me!] in this favorite of sun worshipers everywhere.  It's more fun than getting sand in your shorts!
Have a ball!

Where's the beach!?



Hot Stuff!



Don't miss your chance to be a hot shot and inflict pain upon your host!
Burn, baby, burn!


Gobble the Ghosts with Pac-Mania!
At, you're on the honor system for this incredible simulation of the classic arcade hit Pac-Man: 
First ... play it online!
Then ... send all of your quarters to:
Jeff Thomas
1 Disk Drive
Rochester, NY 14607
This game bites!



Basket Case Game!

Is it the shoes?  Is it the shoes?

Court is in session at In this basketball-themed game, we give new meaning to the term "foul shot"!


JT Yahtzee!
Marvel in amazement as your $2,000 computer does all the work of a $2 package of dice in this online version of the popular family game.
Get rolling!



"Rain Man" Game!

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down ...

Raindrops keep falling on your head ... but, by God, they certainly are good looking raindrops! In this game, you battle the Jeff heads' "rain" of terror!


"Tabasco Wars" Game!

Pepper your day with some adventure in this action-packed tribute to my favorite condiment. It's hot stuff!


[To play, press the "Get Saucy!" button to your left.] Hangman!

Well Hung!

So, you say that you're good at word puzzles ... well, that's noose to me! How about hanging out for a game of Hangman?

Wanna play?


"Space Case" Game!

Finally!  A game that really puts the "a*s" in "Asteroids!"   Do battle with an army of evil Jeffs to make the galaxy safe for wookies everywhere.  May the farce be with you!:


Space Game!
[To play, press the "Beam Me Up!" button to your left.]
Mr. Potato Jeff!

Mr. Potato Head!

This spud's for you! Just press the button below for "Mr. Potato Jeff," an a-peel-ing online version of the face-changing game that's popular with children everywhere. Like it or not, I yam what I yam ... and this tot is a real chip off the old block!

Enough with the dumb potato jokes, and ...


All of this, plus ...
A small rotating head that is handy for any occasion.
Never let it be said that I don't love you.

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