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Beach Volleyball

If decades of watching nudist camp movies have taught me anything, it's that naked people love volleyball.  So, in a desperate attempt to get more naked people to the site, I proudly present " Beach Volleyball."  Here are the rules:  When prompted, press the multi-lingual "zum Starten hier klicken / click here to start" link to begin; it will take you to the beach-front court where you will play volleyball against a strong computer opponent.  You are the [naked] green blob; your opponent is the [naked] red blob.  Use the left- and right-arrow keys to move, and the up-arrow to jump and volley the ball [my head].  Take no more than three hits to get the ball over the net. Score a point or gain control of the serve by winning a volley; the first player to 15 wins the game.  When game play is over, please put your clothes back on.

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