JT Yahtzee!

Hi, rollers!   If your extended family is anything like mine, then playing the dice game Yahtzee is as much a holiday tradition as decorating the tree with festive Jeff heads. Use this online version to hone your skills all year, then suggest playing for cold, hard cash when the next holiday season rolls around. 

Each turn, you can roll up to three times, although you may stop after the first or second roll. When you are finished rolling, mouse over and click to decide which box to fill in with your score. When you've filled all of the boxes, your score is tabulated and the game ends.
First and second rolls:  Hit the Roll button, decide which dice are "keepers," and indicate which ones you'd like to roll again.
Third and final roll:  After your third roll, you must fill in a box with a score or with a zero.
High Rollers! Yahtzee!

Yahtzee Applet Author: Dan Seidman

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