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It's a www.jeffthomas.com block party—and you're invited!  Jefftris is based on Tetris, the computer game where shapes made of blocks fall from the top of the screen. Your job is to rotate the shapes as they fall and fit them together to complete lines. When you fill an entire line with blocks, that line is removed from the screen. If you can't complete lines, the blocks will eventually rise to the top of the screen and the game ends.   It's a block game that's so much fun that once you start, you can't LEGO!

These keys control the game:
  • Left Arrow – Moves the falling blocks to the left.
  • Right Arrow – Moves the falling blocks to the right.
  • Up Arrow or Space – Rotates the falling blocks counter-clockwise.
  • Down Arrow – Moves the falling blocks all the way down.
  • N – Toggles preview of next blocks.
  • P – Pauses or resumes the game.
  • S – Increases the falling speed [by one of ten steps].

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