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You look mighty tasty to me in this condiment-inspired game that picks up where "Tabasco Wars" left off—and turns up the heat!

This time, you're a trusty cannon filled with "100% Pain," a fine habanero specialty product.  Your mission: to satisfy my thirst—or go down in flames!   

Position your cursor within the playing area.
When your sauce cannon appears, use your mouse to move it and fire.
Score points by shooting and avoiding the Jeffs and by grabbing extra sauce.


HOTTEST! This is you—a delicious, 100 percent natural blend of habanero peppers, water, natural pepper flavoring, vinegar and spices, manufactured and distributed by Original Juan Specialty Foods, Inc., of Kansas City, KS.
Yum! Extra sauce—Catch this stuff to become extra saucy!
HOTTER! Thirsty Jeff—Your job is to inflict pain on these evil versions of your host!
HOTTEST! Giant, especially thirsty Jeff—Big, pulsating heads that require much additional firepower to stop.  These are the guys that your mother warned you about.  Avoid!

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Original Juan!

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