's Joy Of Cooking

By Chef-frey A. Thomas

People often ask me, "Jeff, how do I get my whites whiter and my colors brighter?," to which I answer, "Visit my Web site for step-by-step instructions on how to make great-tasting movie theater popcorn in the comfort of your own home."  Then they usually shake their head or just look at me funny.

1.] First, gather the right ingredients ...
Unlike the best, most useful recipes, these "'s Joy of Cooking" popcorn instructions exclusively call for obscure ingredients, as well as a bizarre, Rube Goldberg-type preparation device that I got for Christmas from my Mom and Dad:
2.] You'll need the "Whirley-Pop" popper, by Wabash Valley Farms.
The aforementioned bizarre device; its crank-handle controlled Bottom-Stirring System moves kernels during popping, thereby evenly distributing heat:

popper_diagram.gif (4825 bytes)

3.] And you'll need a package of "Real Theater Popcorn," also by Wabash Valley Farms.
I swear that I'm not getting paid for my endorsement by these Wabash Valley Farms guys, distributors of fine popcorn and popcorn-related accessories since 1980.  Really, I'm not ... seriously.  And be sure to visit Wabash Valley Farms online at 

Each package of "Real Theater Popcorn" contains all of the kernels, oil and seasoning that you'll need for six quarts of delicious popcorn.
4.] Now, turn stove on Medium High.  Popping time should be about 3 minutes or less.  Adjust heat settings to achieve these results.
Unlike other stove-top popping methods, the Whirley-Pop seals in heat, virtually eliminating the need to ever disable your kitchen's smoke detector so that it doesn't go off due to smoke escaping during the popping process!
5.] With scissors or garden shears, cut off the top of the "Real Theater Popcorn" pouch and pour oil, popcorn and seasoning into Whirley-Pop popper.
If forbidden from using sharp objects, use your teeth.
6.] Place popper on stove and slowly crank it.  Popcorn should start popping in about 2 minutes or less.
Waiting for the first kernel to pop offers you the perfect opportunity to pose for a picture giving the traditional "thumbs up" sign.
7.] When popping slows to a few pops per second, remove Whirley-Pop popper from heat and stop cranking.
You're almost done!  This is a milestone in the process, like when the "Little Engine That Could" went from saying, "I think I can" to finally realizing. "I know I can!"
8.] Keep the lid closed while popcorn is popping.  When popping stops, pour popcorn into serving container.
Popcorn serving suggestion.
DVD serving suggestion.

That's It!


9.] Now you're ready to enjoy your delicious popcorn with a favorite movie.
10.] ... or with a not-so-favorite movie.
"Mr. Holland's Opus," a not-so-favorite movie.

Next time in the " Joy Of Cooking" cookbook, we'll offer tasteful culinary suggestions for these popular video selections:

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